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Minister and sanitary pads

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By sarahforde - Posted on 04 December 2009

Hmm. I had promised myself I'd update this blog once a week and failed to do so in only the second week. Not a good start, but I had an excuse.  Kenya's minister of gender was coming to Moving the Goalposts as the guest of honour at our championship finals and to launch my book, Playing by Their Rules, available at So preparations were hectic last Friday.  The minister, Esther Murugi, came on the Saturday and was greeted by Mariam, who at 10 years old is one of our youngest coaches.  Mariam gave her an MTG bag, t shirt and copy of the book and the minsiter was escorted to the field where she was entertained by the teams from Bahari and Vitengeni in the under 13s final which Bahari won in a penalty shoot out.

We talked to the minsiter about the need for sanitary pads - she told us she had many in her office and promised to send some down to us when she got back to Nairobi... we were impressed that she was true to her word when three large boxes of pads and soap arrived at the office on Wednesday.  She's also agreed to give all her cabinet colleagues a copy of Playing by Their Rules as a Christmas gift - a 'must read' she said. 

So sanitary pads have been on the back burner but we're back on track and working on the market analysis for the business plan.  Andrew - our intern from Safaricom - is working on the financial analysis because our main question is: can we make this business/social enterprise cost effective?  And we won't know that until we've done the full analysis, looking at different options for possible production and distribution.

I, meanwhile, am getting on to the social impact of the enterprise.  How can we use the pads to improve the reproductive health of girls?  How can girls get involved in the sales of pads?  We've got lots of ideas and now the fun starts trying to work out what's possible.

To finish, it's been a very busy year here in MTG, all our staff members are exhausted and in need of a good break, which we'll all have this December.  Weve planned our end of year party for Monday 14th December and I'm just hoping everyone has enough energy to shake their booty on the beach to celebrate another year in the life of MTG.


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