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Why football for girls?

Why not? Many girls in Kilifi play football. It acts as a mobilising force to bring girls together and has the potential to build collective power for a marginalized group. In MTG girls also build their own skills: they organize and officiate all MTG matches, tournaments and leagues. They represent the organization in local, national and international meetings.

Challenges for girls in Kilifi:
Through football she can:
Not free to attend meetings, go out Be reached, mobilized in safe places, socialize positively
Early marriage Stay longer in school
No schooling If out of school, delay early marriage
No decisions, even for herself Build confidence, "If I can play football I can do lots of useful things in my life"
No access to sexual health education Learn life skills, discuss reproductive health issues with trained peer educators
No leadership or management skills Learn how to organise leagues, tournaments
Cheap labour (house girls) Opportunities to gain work experience as volunteer/staff

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