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Lydia Kasiwa

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Year Joined MTG: 
MTG Roles: 
Peer Led Health Education Coordinator
Short Biography: 

Joining MTG meant a turning point in Lydia's life. The shy girl gained confidence and was in 2007 employed as the peer led health education coordinator. Five years later, she represents MTG at national and international fora, she has her community development diploma and is ready to pursue a degree course at the University. Lydia, a good example of MTG's success.

My Story: 

Before I was employed in MTG I started as a player and a volunteer. The name of my team was Black Mamba. That was in 2004. Joining MTG was a turning point in my life. Before that, I used to be shy and I lacked confidence. MTG managed to build my life skills suchs as confidence, organizational skills, team work, communication skills and much more. This was possible through the opportunties MTG gave me such as playing football, conducting peer education sessions, officiating football matches, organizing and chairing committee meetings etc. MTG built my capacity also through trainings. I was trained as a peer educator, a counselor and a referee. Through taking part in MTG activities I realized my potential. Last year I got my diploma in community development at Pwani University College and from September this year I pursue my degree in Environmental Science at the same institute.  What I like most in MTG is the unique approach of using football for development. The focus on education for girls is very important in our area. I also like the fact that girls are given opportunities to run their own activities in and outside MTG in order to fulfill their poterntial in life. The rights based approach is a good example of MTG being in the for-front in making sure that the rights of girls are respected. I wish MTG a much longer life! I wish it to continue with the good work of transforming the lives of young girls in Kilifi County and Kenya as a whole through football.

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