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Fathime Hamisi

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MTG Roles: 
M & E assistant
Short Biography: 

Fathime Hamisi joined MTG was she nine years old and a very talented football player. She is still a member of the MTG United team, although she is now a staff member. No need to say that she is an enormous asset in our staff team. Fathime has always been a great role model and she still is. Who better than a young woman who grew up in MTG to help other young girls to believe in themselves?

My Story: 

I am Fathime Hamisi, aged 21 years, I joined MTG in 2002 as a player. Because I was an active player and the captain of my team I was trained in different leadership roles like coaching, peer education and Kicking AIDS Out leader. 

I completed my secondary school education in 2012. I was appointed as the MTG United under 16 head coach and I traveled with the team to Moshi for the East Africa Cup. At the time I was also a volunteer in the resource center under the Monitoring and Evaluation department. But I wanted more. I applied for a position in MTG. I was invited for three interviews. And I succeeded the third time!

I'm now working as M & E assistant.

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