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Esther Baya

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Year Joined MTG: 
MTG Roles: 
Divisional Coordinator Bamba
Short Biography: 

According to Esther, it is all about determination. And determined she is. As a divisional coordinator in the new MTG area, Bamba, Esther has what it takes to involve communities in MTG activities. Bringing people together is what she likes. "MTG involves girls who are disappointed. MTG gives them a place where they can find new opportunities".

My Story: 

In 2010 I started playing in MTG. I got more involved when I was trained as a peer educator and selected for the MTG United out of school team. In 2011 I became the Divisional Coordinator of Vitengeni. This year I moved to a new MTG area, Bamba. I think, MTG is doing a great job. MTG is really nurtering young girls in Kilifi County, who have already been disappointed. MTG gives them a place where they can find new opportunities. It is very interesting to work in a new MTG area. I can see how networking with different people can lead to development in the community. It is all about determination.

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