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Peer educator, coach, girls’ committee member
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Frimmilla volunteers as a peer educator, coach, and girls' committee member.

My Story: 

I had just completed my primary school education in 2003 in Malindi district. I was unable to continue with my secondary education because my mum had no money. Even now she don't have because she's a business women and the whole family depends on that business for all our needs. During that time I was bored and I normally filled my mind with bad thoughts

One day I heard my sister talking about MTGK football for girls. I listened to her very carefully and I asked her to give me more details about that organization. After knowing all about MTGK it was around September 2004 when I decided to join MTGK practice. I didn't get any problem because I was a player since I was in primary school. I thank god because I was not asked for anything even registration fees because what I know in other football clubs you have to pay registration fees. It was like a dream to me because I was known within a short time due to my hard working

I want to thank MTGK for the skills they have given me because I would not have them if not through MTGK. For example I have been trained in elimination of child labor, committee roles and responsibilities, peer education, girl child rights, coach the coach and participator methodologies

At first I didn't play with sport shoes and I used to get a lot of injuries but now I thank MTGK for giving me a gift of shoes & stockings because now I am not getting any more injuries. I only knew a few places but for now I know many places because I have been to play there. Since I was born I don't know the ferry in Mombasa - Likoni crossing but now I can explain what it looks like. May god bless MTGK so that it can continued with its activities.


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