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MTG wins Global Goals World Cup Nairobi

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By cvandam - Posted on 07 March 2017


Moving the Goal Posts are the winners of this year's Global Goals World Cup, held at Impala Sports club in Nairobi on 5th March 2017.

 MTG United Team were playing for Global Goal 5; Gender equality. Global Goals World cup was started in 2015 when 193 world leaders committed to The 17 Global Goals for the next 15 years: End extreme poverty; Fight inequality and injustice; Fix climate change. In all countries. For all people. Global Goal tournament mobilizes women globally to take this development agenda into their own hands. By joining the tournament in their country, setting a team of 5-8 female soccer players and choosing one of the 17 goals to advocate for. 

Our team led by Coach Fatime Tibu, had an amazing performance. The first match was played against Mama's United and MTG won 3-0. In the second match MTG United managed to secure 3-0 win against Ethiopian Lucy. The third march was against the UNEP Team which MTG won 4-0, and booked a slot in quarter finals where MTG played against Shinning Women and won 5-0. This led to the semifinals where MTG secured a 0-0 draw against Wale Wazito and proceeded to Finals by virtue of having more points.  The final match was against Zero Hunger Heroes and MTG won 1-0. 

The next destination will be New York on September 2017 where the world finals will be held. MTG is committed to our goal 5: Gender Equality. This is a great platform for Moving the Goalposts to showcase the power of sports for development and the talent that girls and women have in playing football.


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5 June 2017 - 11:45am

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