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Community service

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Community service and role modelling

MTG wants to provide opportunities and incentives for MTG girls and young women to be good role models for their own benefit and for the benefit of their communities

Award scheme programme

The award scheme programme was initiated in 2008 to motivate volunteers and girls to be actively involved in MTG activities. Individuals and teams earn points by carrying out activities in MTG. Fifty girls, who have showed to be very active volunteers in 2008 have been awarded a sponsorship of 5000 Kenya shillings for education or business activity. So far three hundred girls participated. We aim to expand the award scheme.

Community service activities

Teams have to participate in community services twice a year. By participating in the community service team earns league points. Teams participate in different organized community service activities such as tree planting, clean ups at health centers, markets, chiefs camp and football fields. Some assist in orphanages in their community. 

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