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Girls and Football, the winning essay

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By cvandam - Posted on 16 July 2015

Mejumaa Mwakaramu is a class seven pupil from Matuga primary school. She was awarded as the best essay writer in the essay writing competition 'Girls and Football' that was held during the MTG Primary School Tournament. The focus of the tournament was on increasing public awareness on the inequalities that exist in football, particularly, opportunity and resourcing for women football.

Mejumaa Mwakaramu:

'Football is a game that involves eleven players. Among them is the goalkeeper. The game also has four side members that ensure that the game moves in the right order and the referee who controls the match. Football has helped girls to improve their talents. Some girls are talented in football but they don't involve themselves in football activities not knowing that they can gain a lot through football. The girls' footballers can get sponsorships from the government and this can help them in future. By practising, our bodies will be healthy and resist many diseases. This is because playing football makes the body strong and  active. When teams play against each other, they get the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. This helps the players to make new friends , learn many things and improve on their communication skills. When girls participate in football, like boys, they become famous and get the chance to travel in many places to represent their country. This enables them to visit places they might have not gone to before. A female footballer will also be treated equal as a boy because she can play even better than male players. If they are trained and become perfect in football, they can participate in international matches and they will be paid just the way the boys are paid.


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